Mission, Vision and Values


Learn about the three pillars that shape our actions:


Our Mission

We hope to be an agent of transformation of consumption relations. Thus, we seek simpler, more pleasant, economical and sustainable forms of consumption. With market leadership, we want to work together with our suppliers, consumers and society to create practices that can improve people’s quality of life and the planet’s sustainability.

Our Vision

We always want to improve our relations with our consumers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. To this end, we improve our operational processes, investing purposefully in efficiency, proximity, partnership and incentive. All to strengthen our ties with people.

With digital transformation, we update ourselves to bring the latest in everything we do, with efficiency, economy, discipline, quality, agility and creating a better quality of life for all our customers.

Our Values

We develop projects to expand diversity in our business culture.  With the Act for Food project, we value the food transition for all, offering our 13 million customers, daily and everywhere, healthy food at a fair price. Putting into practice our four commitments that underpin and guide our professional activities: the pride of transforming our business, serving the customer with respect, acting with simplicity and growing and succeeding together.