Our Strategy


As the largest food retailer in Brazil, we want to be the leaders of the food transition in the country.


The Carrefour Group Brazil thinks big – in proportion to the size of its operations. After all, we are the number 1 hypermarket in Europe and the largest food retailer in Brazil. So our main strategic objectives have to match our operational dimensions: we want to be the main leader in the food transition in Brazil and worldwide.

To achieve this goal, we join two others:

  • Expansion: to ensure access to more people and reach all parts of the country.
  • Digital Transformation: to enhance the customer experience and services of Carrefour Group Brazil.

It is a very ambitious project of inclusion, as it aims to make accessible to all people, at fair prices, food that is healthier, safer and produced with social and environmental responsibility.

The first step towards the reality of the food transition was taken in October 2018, when we defined our Act for Food global strategy. Its focus is to expand and democratise the offer of healthy and quality products in our shops.


Expansion and the Power of Capillarity

By the way, one of the great allies in our goal of leading the food transition in Brazil is the capillarity of Carrefour Group Brazil’s points of sale in the country. We are present in all states and expanding to offer multiple forms of access to our customers, aiming at their comfort and convenience.

This strategic bias is translated by the integration of the physical network of shops with the e-commerce platform and the growing interconnection of formats through omnichannel, increasing the opportunities for connection and loyalty.

The Carrefour Express, Market and Neighbourhood formats take a varied list of products close to consumers, in smaller spaces or in more verticalized areas of cities. Versatile, the shops can be in several places and allow quick implementation. This is the case of the Hospital Albert Einstein unit, opened inside the hospital to serve exclusively employees who, due to the current scenario, have little time to leave the workplace and supply their homes.

In 2020, the Carrefour Brazil Group acquired 30 shops of the Makro chain in order to expand Atacadão.


Digital Transformation

One of the greatest advances we have achieved is to put Carrefour Group Brazil in the palm of our customers’ hands.

At all stages of their experience, they have access to technologies that optimize their time and facilitate their operations. Through point of sale formats and service, payment and after-sales solutions, we offer all the convenience and security for consumers to obtain the best possible results with their choice of our brand.

In September 2020, even after the reopening of the physical shops in a pandemic scenario, our e-commerce platform stood out as the 7th largest in the country in number of visits, according to the ranking of E-Commerce Brasil.

By the way, the year 2020 was characterised by major achievements in our e-commerce strategy. In October, we launched a new platform, developed in six months, with a more user-friendly architecture to offer an even better experience to users. This new virtual environment also enables Banco Carrefour to expand its credit cardholder base. Also in October, the Atacadão e-commerce operation began, geared towards the B2B public, uniting Atacadão’s own online sales channel with a robust marketplace operation, with over 300 partner sellers.

Another major step was the launch of the Meu Carrefour application in November. It integrates the entire ecosystem of physical and online shops of the Carrefour Brazil Group, besides establishing a new rewards programme. With it, by concentrating their purchases in the various formats of the chain, customers started to accumulate virtual coins to be exchanged for benefits such as discount vouchers on purchases or for use in partners.

According to the Carrefour Brazil Group omnicanality concept, the platform and application solutions allow consumers to choose the most convenient option, in terms of cost and time, to receive their products. Thus, all our innovation work has a total focus on the customer.

Among so many actions, we also inaugurated in 2020 a new space to be our innovation hub. We are investing in data integration to customise experiences and in the ease of having the Carrefour credit card invoice via WhatsApp.

We are also using Artificial Intelligence resources, such as Carina, a virtual assistant for customer and consumer service.

The digital transformation of the Carrefour Brazil Group also reached Banco Carrefour. Through a strategic partnership with the fintech company Ewally Tecnologia, the institution launched the digital account, which provides more inclusion and access to banking services such as credit and convenience solutions.