Common Questions


Where are Grupo Carrefour Brasil’s shares traded?
How do I invest in stocks?
How do I determine my shareholding position?
Where can I access my stock yield report?
Where can I find CRFB3’s historical stock prices?


What is Grupo Carrefour Brasil’s dividend payment policy?
When are the stock dividends of Grupo Carrefour Brasil paid? Where can I find the latest payment dates?

Grupo Carrefour Brasil

How is the ownership of Grupo Carrefour Brasil structured?
How and where does Grupo Carrefour Brasil disclose its information?
How may I contact the Investor Relations department of Grupo Carrefour Brasil and Groupe Carrefour France?

Business information

Can I open a Carrefour store?
I own land that would make an ideal site for a new store. Whom should I contact?
I purchased a product via e-commerce, but I’m having delivery problems. How can I solve this?
I purchased a product from a Carrefour/Atacadão store, but I’m having problems. How can I solve this?
I’m having problems with a Carrefour or Atacadão card (invoicing, unlock, or general questions). How can I solve this?
How can I sell my product on Carrefour Marketplace?
I am a Carrefour/Atacadão supplier. How can I contact the supplier department?
I would like to apply for a job at Carrefour/Atacadão. Where can I submit my CV?
I would like to invite an executive of Grupo Carrefour Brasil to lecture at my event. To whom may I address the invitation?