Our Businesses

Grupo Carrefour Brasil’s activities are guided by food distribution. And influencing food distribution is a responsibility the Company takes seriously. We believe we can help people move towards a healthier diet, both through the pointed engagement of suppliers and through consumer awareness.
We have five physical store models: (i) cash & carry; (ii) delivery wholesale (both under the Atacadão brand); (iii) hypermarkets (under the Carrefour brand), (iv) supermarkets (under the Carrefour Bairro and Carrefour Market brands); and (v) convenience stores (under the Carrefour Express brand). To complement these models, we also operate drugstores and gas stations in neighboring areas or inside Carrefour hypermarkets.
We also have a solid real estate management business, Carrefour Property. Through Carrefour Property, we lease commercial properties in shopping malls and galleries. We also operate several consumer credit cards through Banco Carrefour, with our Carrefour and Atacadão cards among the most popular.