Our History


Since 1975, the Carrefour Brazil Group has opened paths which converge towards transformation in the country


The history of the Carrefour Group began with a meeting – of streets, in this case. It was at a point where two streets crossed in the municipality of Annecy, in south-eastern France, that our first site came into being. The year was 1959. And the name of the establishment founded there was chosen precisely because of its location: Carrefour, which in French means intersection.

Since then, many other paths have converged along the group’s trajectory, which is present in over 30 countries. We arrived in Brazil in 1975, when the first Carrefour hypermarket opened in São Paulo. Over time, the Brazilian market became the Carrefour Group’s second most important worldwide, behind only the French market.

In terms of shop openings, an important milestone occurred in 2015: that year, Carrefour Group Brazil became the first food retailer present in all Brazilian states. Our team of employees accredits us as one of the largest employers in the country.

Acquisitions and Partnerships

Joining forces to form a collaborative ecosystem is a characteristic of the Carrefour Brazil Group, as evidenced over the years by the merger of complementary businesses. This is how the acquisition of Atacadão, a wholesale and retail supermarket chain, happened in 2007.

In terms of partnerships, an example of a successful union was the one signed in 2012 with Itaú Unibanco, with the objective of operating Banco Carrefour.

In 2019 it was our turn to ally ourselves with the Super Nosso Group, a supermarket chain from Minas Gerais state.

Stock exchange

Another significant achievement in our journey was going public on the Brazilian stock exchange, which took place in July 2017 through the trading of shares in the Novo Mercado segment of B3.


Below is a summary of Grupo Carrefour Brasil’s history, highlighting the main events of Atacadão and Carrefour:

  • First Carrefour hypermarket in São Paulo.
  • Launch of the Carrefour credit card.
  • Acquisition of Atacadão.
  • Partnership with Itaú Unibanco to operate Banco Carrefour.
  • First Express store in São Paulo.
  • Península acquires 10% of the Carrefour Brazil Group.
  • First food retailer present in all Brazilian states.
  • Launch of Atacadão financial solutions.
  • Launch of Carrefour non-food electronic commerce.
  • Launch of Carrefour food electronic commerce.
  • IPO of Carrefour Brasil.
  • Act for Food launch
  • +20 Atacadão stores
  • Drive and Click and Collect launch.
  • New business unit: Carrefour eBusiness Brasil.
  • Acquisition of 49% interest in Ewally Fintech.
  • Partnership with Grupo Super Nosso.
  • Accelerated expansion at Atacadão: acquisition of 30 Makro stores.
  • Opening of the 250 Atacadão store.
  • Grupo Carrefour Brasil becomes the undisputed leader in Brazilian food retail through the acquisition of Grupo BIG.