Hypermarkets, under the Carrefour brand

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We are pioneers in the hypermarket format in Brazil, having opened our first store in 1975. Our 143 hypermarkets are located in the main economic regions of Brazil and have an average sales area of approximately 6,300 square meters and an assortment of more than 40,000 SKUs offering a wide variety of food products (about 2/3 of sales) and non-food products (about 1/3 of sales).

Supermarkets, under Carrefour Bairro and Market brands

Our 54 supermarkets are located in the state of São Paulo and in the metropolitan areas of Belo Horizonte and Brasília. Our supermarkets, under the Bairro banner, have an average sales area of approximately 1,600 square meters and offer a wide variety of food products, as well as products aimed at basic household needs (around 19,000 SKUs). The stores under the Market banner are smaller, with 500m², more focused on replacement purchases (about 7,000 SKUs), providing a pleasant experience, with excellent service and adequate variety. Strategically located, we believe they offer a modern shopping and service experience for consumers looking to restock at supermarkets and a variety of high quality fresh products. With the acquisition of the BIG group, completed in June 2022, we added 192 more regional BIG brands (Nacional, Super Bompreço, tododia) that will further complement our positioning in these regions.

Convenience stores, under the Express brand

We opened our first Express convenience store in August 2014. As of December 2021, we had 144 Express convenience stores located in densely-populated areas and high-traffic commercial streets in the greater São Paulo area. Our convenience stores have an average sales area of 180 square meters and offer an assortment of high-quality basic products (until 4,500 SKUs).