One of Grupo Carrefour’s competitive advantages is that it operates under a model of owned real properties, which ensures a competitive advantage in the long run. We own 186 out of 236 cash & carry wholesale and delivery wholesale stores (Dec/20), and 69 out of 100 hypermarkets. The Company’s Property division manages the portfolio of real properties used in the retail segment, a portfolio of approximately 2,115 lessees with a gross leasable area (GLA) of roughly 320,000 square meters. 

With operations in the Retail segment, the Property Division also manages store renovations by coordinating and executing development projects and construction works. Additionally, this division ensures the value and overall potential of our properties are optimized, largely through strategic third-party partnerships that function to increase traffic and customer satisfaction at stores. Currently, the Property Division is seeking partners who share Carrefour’s commitment to the dissemination of healthier food habits.