Cash & Carry

Under the Atacadão brand, our Cash & Carry segment is dedicated to food sales. We sell to final consumers, resellers, and food service providers seeking to purchase large volumes at low prices. Atacadão pioneered this industry in Brazil, and it is currently the largest cash & carry food operator in the country. Our 206 Atacadão stores (as of December 2020, including one cash & carry store operating under the Supeco brand) are in mid-sized and large urban areas and have an average sales area of approximately 6,250 square meters. In addition to our cash & carry stores, we also operate 33 delivery wholesale stores dedicated to fulfilling the orders of our larger business-to-business, or B2B, customers through delivery services. We are Brazil’s largest food wholesaler with a market share of nearly 33% in 2020 (Nielsen). While always focused on price competitiveness and profitability year after year, Atacadão’s expansion strategy is three-pronged: to arrive in new cities, to consolidate leadership and presence in the cities we already operate in and to fit the model to local demands.